The Hartvane Chronicles: Call for Beta Readers

Hello, friends!

I finished the fifteenth(!) draft of The Hartvane Chronicles this past week, and I’m finally ready to call it ready-for-beta-readers! I didn’t realize until I started writing it how much I wanted to write a story about a trans lesbian mermaid pirate, but now… It’s all I want to write about??

It’s also, in my opinion, an exciting, sweet, hopeful story that might be just what a lot of us need right now. Maybe it isn’t! If it’s not, then I need your help to know that, so I’m not telling tales out of school! If you missed the preview I posted late last year, you can find it elsewhere on this site with this link!

If you sign up and you get two pages in before throwing in the towel, that’s completely okay. I’d rather you err on the side of “Yeah, I’ll give it a try” instead of “I don’t want to sign up for something I might not do.” If you’re at all interested, please, click that link up there!


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