Don’t Worry About Their Classes: Meet the Cast

Main Characters

Liz Brookshore (She/Her)

If Liz had a single insincere bone in her body, she’d be annoying. As it stands? She’s the most endearing person I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

Liz has an enormous heart, and refuses to believe that anyone is beyond hope and redemption until they prove it to her. If you make friends with Liz, you’re probably friends for life, and that’s a very good thing.

Being ace and biromantic left Liz wondering for a long time if she’ll ever find a romantic relationship where she doesn’t feel incomplete or like excess baggage. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to wonder anymore!

Amy Watters (They/Them; used to use She/Her through mid-Chapter 8)

You’re the absolute best.

Amy once had their whole life planned out until their family fell apart around them. With Liz and the rest of the Brookshores, they learned to love in a way they never had before, and that their version of success doesn’t have to line up with what everyone else’s is.

It took Amy a long time to figure out why it felt wrong for them to be in a relationship with Liz, because they love them dearly. Once they figured out that they’re nonbinary, a lot of things snapped into place, and they’ve never been happier than they are with their new polyamorous arrangement.

Samantha Coffard (She/Her)

I’d like to give my future cosplayers a bit more variety, y’know?

After growing up in her twin brother’s shadow, Samantha has finally found a group where she can be herself. That self is a big stinkin’ nerd who wears her passions on her sleeve and is eager to try new things with her friends!

Ginny Cedarwood (She/Her)

Yeah, I take full ownership of being distracted by her cuteness.

Ginny holds fast to her convictions, many of which are contradictory with mainstream lines of thinking. She knows she’s a lesbian and that she loves Jesus, and she doesn’t have much time for anyone who doesn’t get that. Fortunately, her friends are all on board with that all the way!

Rachel (She/Her)

I’m not just agreeing quickly because I think I like you a lot! …Which is not something I planned on admitting that quickly! Though I’m not upset that I did so!

A former RA at Pinewood University, Rachel used to go with the flow and ignore the crappy stuff there so she could get her tiny paycheck and get out with a degree. Now that she’s acting on her convictions instead, she’s infinitely happier!

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