Here are some of the stories I’ve written! All of the completed novels and short stories listed below are available for free, no strings attached. I hope that you find something here that you enjoy!

Completed Works


The Hartvane Chronicles Book I: The Outcast and the Chosen One

The Hartvane Chronicles Book I: The Outcast and the Chosen One is the first in a four-part series, and is packed full of swordfighting, smooching, betrayal, magic, and burnt meals. When the fate of the world is on their shoulders, will the Hartvanes find a way to save it?

With the title of Chosen One up for grabs, the Hartvane sisters have trained and studied at Shadecoral’s temple to the merfolken gods for as long as they can remember. Harmonia, who works with her Papa in the kelp fields, makes up for what she lacks in focus with her enthusiasm, while Melodika helps Father in Shadecoral’s cozy library and has read most of the books in it, to the detriment of her social life in town. When the day of judgment arrives a few months shy of their twenty-fifth birthday and the twin mermaid sisters are separated by the naming of the Chosen One, both are flung into their own adventures, separated from each other. One sister follows the path set before her under the overbearing eye of a cruel mayor, while the other takes her fate into her own hands, making herself an outcast to her hometown forever as she does. In their own way, whether they know it or not, they are both are working to make the ocean a safer place.

Meanwhile, above the waves on the Elven continent, the queen has announced that she is expecting a child. This means that the current youngest and heir to the throne, the spirited Princess Prudence, in need of a new direction in life. At just sixty years old, she finds herself caught between not knowing enough to get by on her own and too old to want to rely on her family’s guidance. Not content with her mother’s plans for her, she decides to set out as a pirate and try her fortunes on the seas. When Prudence encounters one of the Hartvane sisters at sea, she feels an instant connection, though perhaps there’s something deeper at work than either of them realizes. And what about the hot first mate who’s flirting with both of them?

The Hartvane Chronicles Book I: The Outcast and the Chosen One, your new favorite mermaid pirate novel, is now available in ebook and audiobook forms at itch.ioBarnes & Noble, and Amazon!

Jenn Lewis sees dead people.

Don’t worry; nobody she knows is secretly dead the whole time (They’re all pretty up-front about that part). That one’s been done.

Rather, the people Jenn encounters are a lot like you and me, though less nervous around sharp implements. They have goals and aspirations; some to make the multiverse a better place, and some to maximize their personal happiness. At the moment, for reasons beyond her reckoning, Jenn is drawing plenty of attention from both camps, not to mention a nontrivial amount of clout.

This sudden change brings up important questions to Jenn’s mind: 

  1. Who do you become when you’re given power you never asked for
  2. What does it mean to glimpse eternity when you’re still in the middle of your life? 
  3. When is it acceptable to eat dinner foods for breakfast? 

Souls Incorporated aims to answer at least one of those questions in a modern-fantasy, dimension-hopping novel. Come along with Jenn on this journey, won’t you?

Content Warnings: A quickly-foiled sexual assault attempt. The would-be victim escapes it before she is in any amount of danger, and only a mild amount of distress.A number of rather grisly (bordering on cartoonish) scenes of violence. Guns are used at one point. There are a few times where needles come into play, as well as a magical drug that causes a character to OD as a result of a malicious poisoning. She recovers thanks to an antidote with no complications. Finally, there’s a tremendous (but not self-destructive) amount of alcohol consumed by the characters, especially towards the beginning.

Short Stories (Starting With the Most Recent)

A short story about being willing to give up everything for the one you love, including yourself. Features demon hunters and love. (You can also get the comic version of this short story if you sign up for my mailing list! Neat!)

Content Warnings: Demon stuff. Transphobia is referenced.

A thrilling tale of requited loathe, treasure hunting, unmistaken identity, and resolved tension. (Eventually.) 

Content Warnings: Cussin’. A gun is used. Various characters find themselves in various amounts of peril (think Indiana Jones at the start of Raiders).

A story about finding hope when things seem hopeless. There are vampires, if that’s a selling point.

Content Warnings: Past descriptions of non-violent, non-sexual, but certainly physical and mental abuse, which occurred before the action of our story. A bit of cussin’ used to describe that abuse later on in the story. A character drinks animal blood. A character undresses, but with scarcely more detail than is used in this sentence.

A pair of superheroes are having doubts about their methods. Something’s gotta give, so what’ll it be?

Content Warnings: A bit of peril and some light cussin’. Not much here, so far as I can see!

A story about dealing with loneliness and being an outsider and hope and joy. There’s also magic, because obviously.

Content Warnings: Cussin’ and non-graphic descriptions of past-tense sex.

With the generic fantasy land in peril, a group of adventurers have to save it, though perhaps not the way they planned.

Content Warnings: Mentions of past violence and some threats of violence, along with some cussin’.

A near-future sci-fi short story in three acts about the future of AIs and livestreaming. About following your heart, even when you haven’t taken the time to figure out what your heart wants. About people who wear deli meats on their face. Hopefully one of those piques your interest!

Content Warnings: Cussin’.

Time travel and superpowers are on full display as we find our protagonist running from The Institute with her past self. Her shapeshifting can hide her identity, but for how long?

Content Warnings: Cussin’. Past-tense discussion of child endangerment and imprisonment.

Upcoming Works


The Hartvane Chronicles Books Not-I

Please look forward to the future Hartvane Chronicles books in the future!

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