Other Projects

Here are some other internet activities that I either have performed or am currently performing! Please enjoy, won’t you?

Blaseball Art: There’s an internet game called Blaseball and I currently have a complicated relationship with it! But I made some art based on it, and you can see some of it collected here.

The Level 99 Challenge: In the game Final Fantasy VII, it is possible to level up the two starting party members before you fight the first boss. I have already done this once. I am doing this again (and streaming it all this time). I am also playing the game in obtuse ways that are maybe amusing? This whole thing is a bad idea. I do not know why I continue doing it. This is the Tumblr where I chronicle all of it, and which has been updated almost-daily since 2013.

Twitch Streaming: Sometimes I stream the viderograms (some people say “video games”) on Twitch! You can find my schedule there. (I won’t list it here, because I know that I’ll forget to update this page. I know myself that well.)

Mermay 2020: I drew a bunch of drawings of (mostly) my characters as merfolk! Check ’em out, if you want!

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