Don’t Worry About Their Classes: New Readers’ Guide

Welcome to the world of Don’t Worry About Their Classes (DWATC for short)! Our story comes in two definitive parts, with the second part starting around Page 121. Throughout the entire story, it’s about a group of queer friends, starting with Liz and Amy, arriving at a Christian, largely conservative university.

If you don’t want any spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now and go check out the archive! With that said, the point of any story I write is gonna be the relationships, not the surprising twists and turns, so I’d only suggest that if you definitely want it fresh and unspoiled.

…Okay, are the spoiler-averse folks gone?

Cool, let’s keep going!

The big difference between the two halves is that in the first half, the problems are along the lines of “I didn’t get the part I wanted in the play,” and in the second half, the problems are closer to “The world is being overrun by goo-zombies.”

There are also some crossover characters with Souls Incorporated (a novel I wrote that you can read right now, for free!), but you don’t have to know that story to understand Jenn, Artene, and Libra’s place in this one. They’re here to help! And by help, I mean dispense superpowers to our protagonists. They’re cool like that.

There’s also a fair amount about reconciling faith and not being a straight cis person, and knowing that those aren’t mutually exclusive, despite what those in power might say.

Synopses of Completed Chapters So Far:

Chapter 1

Liz and Amy arrive at Pinewood! They find out that they’re not roommates? They meet their new roommates, Samantha and Esther! They eat disappointing food in the cafeteria! Liz and Samantha share truths about themselves!

Chapter 2

The pals go for a jog! Rachel shares a story from her past! Liz, Samantha, and Ginny audition for Romeo and Juliet! Liz apologizes to Amy for being a butt!

Chapter 3

Liz is disappointed! Amy shares a story from Amy’s past! Ginny and Samantha start dating!

Chapter 4

The cast has a work day! Amy asks about joining the basketball team! There’s a casting shake-up! Amy gets some new teammates!

Chapter 5

Amy’s not allowed to perform! The pals discover some lousy policies at Pinewood! Ginny and Samantha have relationship issues? Myra runs a tight ship! Kissing happens, and it’s magical!

Chapter 6

Liz returns home! Amy comes with her! And so do some other friends! Samantha has superpowers! Slime people are spooky, but maybe not inherently evil? Another friend shows up!

Chapter 7

Ginny makes herself at home! She and Samantha are in love! Liz isn’t jealous at all!! Liz is visited in a dream and bargains some superpowers for herself and Amy! Those superpowers are put to the test! Someone doesn’t get the memo!

Chapter 8

Liz says goodbye to people she’s close to! Friends disappear! Happy reunions happen! A plan is made and executed! Amy reveals something about themself! An unhappy reunion happens!

Chapter 9

It’s a showdown! Some people on the wrong side repent! Some totally don’t! Bigots get punched! Other bigots reveal their true natures! Those bigots are defeated! A final fight remains!

Chapter 10

An intimidating figure invades! Truths are revealed! Polyamory Ahoy! Evil continues to be evil! Evil is defeated! Friendships are made! Forgiveness is granted! Old friends are welcomed into the circle! A plan is set! Work begins!

(More coming soon!)

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