Hooray! I’m So Glad You’re Here!

Hi! Hello! Various other greetings!

You’ve made it to my website, and I think that’s wonderful. I’m Josh Closs (they/them), and I make a bunch of comics, write a handful of short stories and novels, and sometimes stream games on the internet. If you’re interested in learning more about those things, those links will help you on your way! If you scroll down from this post, you’ll (probably, if the internet is working the way it’s supposed to work) see my latest comics! If you want to start from the beginning for any of my comics, please use this link instead!

If this is your first time exploring my works, I suggest you peruse my short stories (scroll down a bit on this page) and try one that catches your interest. Or the comics! The comics are also good! They’re a bit more of a time commitment, though.

You can also watch me play video games on Twitch every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (for the time being, at least)! It’s a good time and we all enjoy it.

If you’re looking to contact me, please use this page! If you’re looking for biographical information about me, please use this page! Those are two problems I can help you solve!

Finally, if you want to stay up-to-date on my latest works, please sign up for my mailing list! Posts on this site (other than this one) will focus on comic updates, so if you want to know about the things I write, then the mailing list is your best bet! I’ll only send out emails when I have something big and neat to share (probably 3-4 times per year), so don’t fret about me overflowing your inbox. Plus, when you sign up, you’ll get a free PDF copy of Rena and Penelope, a comic about demon hunters who a) love each other very much and b) have some issues between to work out. (They’re also both very cute and sweet. Big fan over here.)

That’s all I have to say for now! Have fun looking around!


The Hartvane Chronicles Book I: The Outcast and the Chosen One is Ready for Pre-Orders!

One month to go, y’all!

On October 10th, The Hartvane Chronicles Book I: The Outcast and the Chosen One will be available in ebook and audiobook forms! (We’ll talk about physical books later.) And right now, you can pre-order it at these places!

itch.io: This is the best place to buy my book! itch.io is very creator-friendly and buyer-friendly, since it gives me the chance to send you add-on goodies as they’re available (and there will be add-on goodies coming!), plus it lets me bundle the ebook and audiobook in with the same purchase, along with providing the EPUB and PDF formats for the ebook. The audiobook is somewhat more expensive ($9.99 vs. $5.99), but if you get the audiobook, then you get the ebook with it. Neat!

If you’re not familiar with itch.io, I recommend them highly. They’re mostly known for video games and TTRPGs, but they are willing and able to host books and take only a small piece of my pie (they let you pick how much they take! Their default is 10%, which is very generous of them compared with most places, so I’m using that), so I’m taking advantage of their hospitality!

Barnes & Noble (ebook only): This is an okay place to buy my book! They leave me 70% of the royalites, which is fairly standard, and they have more customer service/reputation available than itch.io, so I’m happy with you buying it here. Be warned that this version will only work with Barnes & Noble apps and such! If you’re okay with that, more power to you!

Amazon (Kindle version): This is not the best place to buy my book! Amazon technically offers 70% of the royalties, but they subtract “delivery fees” for the download size, and those fees are grossly exaggerated. Plus, I mean, it’s Amazon. They offer more money if you sign an exclusivity contract with them, but there’s no way I was going to do that! If you absolutely have to, you can get it on your Kindle, but I’d much prefer it if you got it from somewhere that cares about you or me. 💚

Audible: Not available yet! They still need time to process it. It’ll probably be more expensive than the price I have it listed at on itch.io, though! And you won’t get the ebook version bundled in with it, either. I’ll give a shout when it’s available, but I’m only putting it here because I know there are people who won’t find audiobooks anywhere else. The royalties I get are awful, and generally, nobody’s happy about it.

Okay! Those are the places you can pre-order it!

Why no paperback edition? I want to have a beautiful set when the full Hartvane Chronicles are complete, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad that they got an old version that doesn’t fit in with the finished set when it’s done. Also, designing a paperback takes time, and I didn’t allot it for myself! If you tell me you want a phyiscal edition, I’ll certainly look into it more, but I want to know that there’s demand for it before I put in the time there. Your voice matters! Really!

Two more things to whet your appetite before I say goodbye! First is the map that’ll be inside the cover. Take a look!

This isn’t the full world of The Hartvane Chronicles, but it covers all of the places (and then some!) mentioned in the first book. I hope you’re looking forward to exploring it!

And one last thing… Keep an ear out for news coming on October 3rd! (Was that announcement going to happen today along with the map? Yes, but audiobooks take a lot of time, so we’re making it a one-week-away treat instead of a one-month-away treat. Fun!)