The Hartvane Chronicles, Book I: The First Two Chapters (Sneak Peek!)

Oh heck, oh golly, oh gosh! I’m writing a whole dang book, and I want you to read part of it and get excited about it!

The Hartvane Chronicles is the story of two merfolken sisters, Melodika and Harmonia Hartvane, as they seek to become their town’s Chosen One and save the Deepdivers from the looming Crimson Smoke. The town’s High Cleric, Coronith, has the utmost confidence in both of them, while Mayor Ekolo is determined to test them every tailkick of the way. (It would be every step, but merfolk don’t usually step.)

Will Harmonia and Melodika meet their destiny? What does Coronith know that they aren’t sharing? And how does Princess Prudence of the Elven Empire, whose claim to the throne across the ocean has fallen into question, fit into their story? The answers to these questions and more… won’t be found in this preview, but you’ll get a taste of what’s to come!

A few CWs: These chapters include profanity, a dude being a total bigot (and reprimanded for it), and discussions of a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.

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Hooray! I’m So Glad You’re Here!

Hi! Hello! Various other greetings!

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