The Guildmistress: New Readers’ Guide

If you’re looking for a world filled with magic, time travel, smooching, and baked goods, then you’re in exactly the right place! Welcome to the world of The Guildmistress! Our story focuses on Ambra, a bright-eyed tiefling with the ability to stop time (or, to be technical, slow time down to an extremely slow speed that is almost imperceptibly slow, because otherwise light doesn’t move, but we’re not gonna get too bogged down in the physics) and her various adventures.

If you don’t want any spoilers, I suggest you stop reading now and go check out the archive! With that said, the point of any story I write is gonna be the relationships, not the surprising twists and turns, so I’d only suggest that if you definitely want it fresh and unspoiled.

…Okay, are the spoiler-averse folks gone?

Cool, let’s keep going!

The Guildmistress is, primarily, a story about finding people you can trust and doing whatever it takes to make a better world with them. It also involves Schemes, because sometimes you have to fight evil with cleverness along with love.

Because there’s magic and time travel, there are a lot of shenanigans involving different timelines, along with people interacting with other versions of themselves. Which does not, in fact, create any problems, because they created a separate timeline when they traveled back in time, and it’s fine and we don’t need to worry about it.

There’s also smooching. Good, good smooching. Just in case you were afraid that was a red herring.

Synopses of Completed Acts So Far:

Act I

Ambra enters the Mages’ Guild! The trials begin! Ambra gets a little help! Pren catches her! Ambra tells a convincing lie and becomes Guildmistress! A new challenger approaches!

Act II

Thera shows up! She gives Ambra… a big hug?? Ambra and Thera discuss secrets! Ambra’s pendant does the same with Pren! Thera reveals some weird stuff! Ambra and Thera pretend to wrestle, and then actually do for a second! Thera shares what she saw! Ambra doesn’t sleep well!


Ambra sleeps in! A flashback flashbacks! A mark is made! Pendants are left behind! Stratagems are crafted! Thera shows up and borrows the pendant! Pren presents her handiwork! Ambra gets the pendant back and disappears! Marina is reunited with her sister, Ambra! Her other sister, Ambra Prime, is super-evil and such! So is Naomi, the original Guildmistress! Naomi’s dinnertime doesn’t go according to plan when her meal dissolves! Marina returns with Reina, Thera’s pal! Plans are made! Smooching happens! Ambra Prime finds a letter!

Act IV

Another flashback happens! Marina’s tryout goes poorly, and then worse! Marina sees Ambra meeting a dragon (evil), The Red Dragon! We hear Ambra Prime tell us about meeting a dragon (good), Patience! They really like each other, and their souls intertwine! Ambra Prime regains her soul, and immediately regrets it! Patience shows up and makes things better! Ambra and Thera are left to their own devices!

Act V

Ambra and Thera deliver bad news! Ambra Prime and Patience look different, and they explain why! A scroll is signed mysteriously! The guild is surprisingly understanding! Ambra is suspicious! Ambra writes an important note for Thera! Marina is in cahoots with them, and so are Xandra and Odette! The best kind of plan is made! Naomi has taken over again! Thera helps Ambra fix it! The Mages’ Guild is disbanded!

Act VI

The new guild comes up with a plan! Pambra shows off their skills! An Unimportant interrupter is dismissed once Pren shows up! Pren wants to help! Ambra is bamboozled! Fears are confessed! Thera is confident! Pambra’s plan needs backup!

Act VII: Still in Progress!

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